Fuel Tax Credit

Many businesses are entitled to claim a rebate on diesel or alternative fuels consumed in both on-road and off-road activities under the Fuel Tax Credit System (previously the Energy Grants Credits Scheme). Some are under-claiming their entitlements and many others are not even aware that they can claim.

Our ATP Group People can visit you to check that you are claiming your full entitlement or, if you are not claiming, to see if you are entitled to claim. If we find that you have not received your correct entitlement you will be able to claim those entitlements going back to 1st July 2003.

When working on back claims, we work on a "no claim, no fee" basis. If we find that a back-claim is possible, we will charge a fee of 30% of the grant applied for.

Our ATP Group People can also visit you to make sure that you have procedures in place so that you comply with the new environmental rules in relation to on-road claims. We have spoken to many businesses that believe it is all too hard but find after speaking to us that it is very easy to comply with.