Below are links to useful financial calculators as provided by ASIC's consumer website, FIDO.Please note that you will require Excel 2000 or higher to view these calculators and that you will also need to have macros turned on.

Build your nest egg
Superannuation calculator What could your super be worth in future? Compare funds with one of Australia's most powerful free super calculators. Includes salary-sacrifice, co-contributions, investment options, fees and more.
Managed funds calculator What could the future value of your investment be worth? Compare funds. Includes fees, regular contributions, changing funds and different investment options.
Compound interest What would your money be worth if you invest it and re-invest all the interest you earn? How much to reach a target amount? How long? What interest rate do you need? Single investment or regular amounts?
Risk and return Compare the return offered by a proposed investment with the relevant market sector: cash, fixed interest, property, shares, balanced assets. How risky could it be?

Manage your money
Budget planner Helps you manage your expenses so that you spend less than you earn.
Credit card calculator Check how long it may take you to pay off your credit card if you only pay the 'minumum payment' and how by paying more, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to pay off your credit card debt.
Multi-loan calculator Check which of 3 options could best suit you. Includes paying off your loans faster, refinancing, or changing payments on selected loans.
DIY statement of financial position Check your financial position and overall financial capacity.

Plan your retirement
Allocated pension calculator How long could your money last in retirement using this type of retirement income product? Includes investment options, income changes, fees, compare products.
Term allocated pension calculator What pension could you get from this retirement income product? Includes options for investments, term and amount of pension, fees, compare products.
Reverse mortgage calculator See how your reverse mortgage debt builds up and may affect how much of your home you still own as time goes by.

Using online calculators Many calculators are helpful, but there are some pitfalls that it pays to be aware of.
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