Corporate advisory & restructring

Strategic Business Consulting

ATP Group assists businesses to develop their vision and strategies for the future. Our strengths are in helping clients to:

  • Build a compelling company vision based on the company's unique strengths, goals and aspirations
  • Develop innovative yet practical strategies (based on insights into key strengths, challenges and opportunities) to move the company towards its vision
  • Develop key performance indicators (at all levels of the company) to effectively measure performance and track the progress of the strategy and vision
  • Communicate the vision and strategy to stakeholders to have full buy-in and full participation from all resources.

Corporate restructuring Advisory

Management need to ensure that their business is robust, durable and in a position to make the most of potential opportunities for growth in today's challenging economic climate. Increased regulation, volatile markets and growing stakeholder demands are all adding to the pressures of a highly competitive market place.

  • Perhaps you feel you need clarity around causes of long-term underperformance or maybe you are experiencing cash flow or headroom pressure?
  • Are you restricted from investing in expansion programs because of current debt structures or lack of additional finance?
  • Are there parts of your current group structure that are proving to be unprofitable?

If these are issues you recognize, ATP Group can assist by bringing an objective view of the possible causes of underperformance. We strive to provide a pragmatic assessment of available options, and help to ensure focus on long-term survival.

We have experience in working with a broad range of companies facing complex and demanding issues and can help to develop implementation plans to rebuild trust with investors and lenders. Whether this is re-negotiation of existing financing; options around under-performing group companies; effective management of cash and working capital, or strategies for business improvement - our global network of restructuring teams have the capability to provide positive and constructive strategies.

Our focused approach is tailored to your situation. Our relationship with a wide range of lenders means we can act as independent broker